Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Sorry I have been a slacker on updating this. We have been really busy with finishing up this school semester and working. We just went to washington to visit family for christmas. We had so much fun. We stayed with my dad which was nice because he was able to spend some time with emma. We also saw tons of other family during our stay. At first though our trip was very eventful. The four days before we were leaving the portland airport where we were flying into had been closed because of the bad weather they had. So we were pretty nervous about leaving not knowing if we were going to be getting there on time. Luckily the day we chose to leave was the first day that they opened the airport and we did make it there, but our luggage did not. We ended up staying at the airport pretty much that whole day waiting for our luggage that did finally show up on another was a very long day. The roads there were horrible so you really couldn't go anywhere. Some of our gifts that were suppose to be shipped via ups didn't show up till the end of our trip. Overall we had fun at least we were able to spend time with our family and have a nice christmas even though some things didn't turn out the way they were planned.

Emma was able to see santa and tell him what she wanted for christmas at my work's christmas party. At frist she wanted nothing to do with him, but she finally got over that and loved him

She also enjoyed putting up the christmas tree and helping me decorate it.

Here is Emma on Christmas morning opening up all her gifts.
This Christmas was probably the longest ever. We serioulsy had christmas for four days with all the different families and with some gifts not arriving on time because of the weather.

It usually never snows in washington but maybe
once every couple of years and this year they got
the most snow they have ever had. It was nice
though to still have snow on christmas. Emma
sure loved in. She played in it for hours. Her and
daddy spent awhile outside building a snowman
which she was pretty excited about.


The Caswells said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Cute little Emma, she looks more beautiful each time I see her pictures!

Lisa and Jason said...

That is too bad about your luggage and gifts, but I am glad that you had fun with your family. You guys look so cute in your snow stuff!!